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Artificial Crystallines Lenses

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Artificial Crystallines Lenses

Intraocular lenses: implant of monofocal toric lenses or multifocal lenses for cataracts

The high level of precision of diagnostic instruments allows for measuring and recording of the anatomical and functional features of the eye. They also give a complete mapping of the visual system from which a personalised operation can be developed. In this way, also choosing which crystalline lens has to be implanted entails a refractive procedure and allows, in many cases, for the reduction or elimination of the use of bifocal glasses or reading glasses, which are needed after the operation. The implant of a monofocal lens almost entirely corrects the visual defect of the patient, even if they will have to use reading glasses. Thanks to toric intraocular lenses it is possible to almost entirely eliminate astigmatism. If needed, the implant of a multifocal lens or a toric multifocal one can reduce or completely eliminate the need for carrying glasses.

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