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Discover the effectiveness of the femtoseconds laser for microincision of the cornea

The Blue Eye Ocular Microsurgery Centre was the first centre in Italy to equip itself with VICTUS COMBO Femtosecondslaser (January 2012), which is today the most advanced instrument for corneal and cataract surgery. The main application of the femtolaser or femtoseconds laser is refractive surgery, which replaces the microkeratome in creating the corneal rim. This procedure is also called “Bladless Lasik”, meaning that the superficial corneal flap is not created with a mechanical system (the blade of the microkeratome), but through micropulses that cause a photo-separation inside the cornea. Therefore, the treatment is very precise, painless and safe; the ablated tissue is very slight and the results are highly reproducible. The femtoseconds laser is also revolutionising cataract surgery. In cases where the surgeon believes it is suitable to adopt the femtocataract, the first phases of the operation are programmed on computer and carried out by the laser in a few seconds. All the phases are monitored in real time through the optical coherence tomography (OCT), which carries out a three-dimensional check of the structures that have to be operated on, by guiding the laser. ottica (OCT), che esegue un controllo tridimensionale delle strutture da operare, guidando l'azione del laser.

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