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Excimer laser

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Excimer laser

Discover the effectiveness of the excimer laser to correct myopia

The Baush&Lomb/Technolas Perfect Vision Z-100 PTA excimer laser, which is connected to the Zdw diagnostic station, makes it possible to send the personal and refractive data of the patient directly to the laser, in particular the iris image. Through iris recognition of the patient’s eye, apart from making the information stream darker, it is possible to balance out the torsion angle between the erect position (an image acquired during the diagnostic phase) and the supine position under the laser. This angle can be significant for the refractive result not only in patients affected by myopia and hypermetropia but also and particularly in patients affected by astigmatism. The advanced ACE (Advanced Control Eyetracking) system gives more precision in the ablation process. This dynamic pointer constantly follows the movements of the eye, the rotation and the movement of the pupil and regulates the laser beam at the same time. This guarantees precise motion during the whole procedure.

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