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Endoscopic surgery

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Endoscopic surgery

Occlusion of the Tears: resort to endoscopic surgery to eliminate persistent lachrymation

Endoscopic surgery is a new and advanced method to solve the problem of persistent lachrymation. This operation is carried out in the operating theatre with local anaesthesia. The surgeon progressively dilates the tear duct by using a very thin fibre optic probe that monitors the tear duct as well as occlusions and blockages, which are removed with specific instrumentation.

Dacryocystorhinostomy laser

This is a new endoscopic technique that utilises a laser diode, which is much less invasive and significantly faster than the traditional one. It is carried out in the operating theatre with local anaesthesia or light sedation. No incision is made, but the laser fibre – which is inserted through the inferior lacrimal punctum – emits single pulses (5-6 watts) which in turn react when they come into contact with the involved tissues to free the duct. In order to increase the success rate a silicone stent can be inserted to maintain the opening carried out by laser, without affecting the patient's everyday activities. It is removed after 3-4 months.

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