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Personalised systems for visually impaired people

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Personalised systems for visually impaired people

Vision rehabilitation systems: personalised vision rehabilitation systems for visually impaired people

Vision rehabilitation for AMD is carried out using devices (such as halogen lamps instead of bulb lamps), magnifying instruments, closed-circuit televisions, special telescopic systems (which can also be put inside the eye) and a series of learning techniques and environmental adaptation to make the most of the remaining potential of the peripheral retina.

In some cases you can also resort to surgical treatment. Poor vision specialists and ophthalmic specialists have developed a particular lens system to improve central vision in patients with AMD. The IOL-Vip Revolution is the combination of two very small lenses that are implanted by the surgeon instead of the crystalline lens. They act just like a real telescope: they magnify the image on the retina and cast it on a healthy area. To evaluate the potential improvement of vision before the operation, the treatment is simulated with an external optical device. This device reproduces the magnifying and prismatic effect of the two lenses once they are inserted in the capsular bag. The patients are supported in managing the “new vision” with a few simple exercises that can also be carried out at home. This procedure does not necessitate hospitalisation and is carried out with local anaesthesia. However, you have to take into account that candidate selection is very strict. Indeed, this technique is not suitable for every visually impaired person. Moreover, there is a long and arduous rehabilitation period after the operation.

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