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Vitreoretinal surgery

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Vitreoretinal surgery

Retinal detachment: turn to vitreoretinal surgery to remove macular puckers

The surgeon can remove the vitreous humour through a procedure called vitrectomy if the vitreous humour causes dangerous tractions on the retina or if there is the need to treat a diseased retina. According to the surgical goal, the partial or total removal of the vitreous humour is combined with other procedures. The minimally invasive vitreoretinal surgery leads to improved visual capacity, even even considering the fact that the result depends on the involvement of the retina (intensity and disease duration) and can be slow or incomplete. In the Blue Eye ocular microsurgery centre you can be operated on with local anaesthesia and have the macular pucker removed. The operation is carried out in day surgery, lasts 30 minutes and is practically painless.

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