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Discover what presbyopia is and how you can treat this visual defect in our eye centre in Milan

What is it?

Presbyopia is a defect of the focalisation of near images, which is dependent on the physiological ageing of the eye tissue: the function of “accommodation”, i.e. the ability of the crystalline lens to get images into focus at a distance of 30-50 cm, becomes less efficient. This visual defect can affect anyone and usually occurs after the age of 45. Without glasses it becomes difficult to read, to dial telephone numbers, to use the computer, in short, to carry out ordinary activities that require near vision. Everything is even more problematic if you are already using glasses to correct myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism, because you have to resort to two sets of glasses or multifocal lenses, which are not suitable for everybody.


Laser therapy is undoubtedly the future in this field, because the latest technologies allow for operations with extreme precision. In the Blue Eye ocular microsurgery centre, the only program that obtained the CE trademark to correct presbyopia, together with the correction of a refractive defect, is now available. The laser procedure is called SUPRACOR and is quick, safe and effective.
The operation is composed of two different phases:

  • The creation of the superficial corneal flap using the femtoseconds laser
  • The reshaping of the corneal curvature with the excimer laser, , by creating a small multifocal structure on the central corneal surface that allows for focus while reading, without needing to use glasses for close distances.

Patient selection is very strict. 

Indeed, not every candidate is fit for the operation, since many aspects and anatomical features of the cornea and the eyeball need to be taken into account.

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