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Visual Defects

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Visual Defects

Visual disturbance: eye illnesses and ocular pathologies treated in our eye centre in Milan

The human eye works like a camera, with a lens, a diaphragm and a film. The cornea and the crystalline lens form the lens. One of these lenses is the iris, wherein you can find the pupil, which works like a diaphragm. The cornea and the crystalline lens focalise the image in a sharp way on the retina, which serves as a film that covers the back of the eye. The visual stimuli on the retina are transformed into electrical pulses and reach the brain through the optic nerve. The light rays are focalised on the retina and allow for optimal vision. If there is a defect on this optical system (Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism o Presbyopia), images will be blurred when reaching the retina.

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